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Regular Checks and Maintenance

When your car is booked in with us, we will happily check your BMW components for safety and longevity if requested. Regular checking and timely maintenance will eliminate higher costs and keep safety at the highest possible level.

You can be rest assured that we will only ever advise you to do work that really does need doing.


Fully functioning brakes are, of course, essential for the safety of your BMW. We will check your brakes to ensure safety on the road as well as supplying and fitting new brakes when needed. We can supply BMW dealer standard parts for master cylinder, servo, brake calipers, brake fluid and cylinders, discs, drums, pads and shoes.


Checking the tread depth and pressure of your tyres every two weeks or before a long journey is extremely important. Apparently most tyres on the road are either under-inflated or below the legal limit of 1.6mm tread depth. BayMoW are on hand to provide a tyre health check when you need us to, and we can provide the correct replacement tyre if required, disposing of your old tyre in an environmentally friendly way.


Signs that your exhaust needs some attention are:

  • Knocking or rattling while driving
  • Excessive smoke coming out
  • The exhaust sounds louder than usual
  • Visible signs of corrosion, holes or damage
  • The exhaust looks like it’s hanging too low or dragging

BayMoW can provide the full range of BMW dealer standard exhaust parts including exhaust manifold, header, oxygen sensor, catalytic convertor, back box (muffler), exhaust pipe, tail pipe and a range of fittings.


The air conditioning system in your BMW needs to be fully working all year round to provide cooling air on hot summer days, and reduce condensation on winter frosty mornings. Continuous use of your BMW air conditioning helps to keep it working more efficiently, but it should be maintained regularly - as with any other vital component. At BayMoW we can clean and disinfect your air conditioning system, and recharge (re-gas) as needed ensuring operating pressures are exactly as they should be.

Contact us if you are concerned about your BMW brakes, tyres, exhaust or air conditioning.